Introducing the Jab & Punch Quad!

Introducing the Jab & Punch Quad!

The All-Weather Punch & Jab Quad LED Soft Lights

AAdynTech’s Jab & Punch Quads are the most powerful LED soft lights in their class, consuming only 1,300 / 2,600 watts of power and outputting an amazing 120,000 / 285,000 lumens. The fixtures, control box and connecting cable are rated IP65; weatherproof under any condition.

With a CRI of over 92, the Quads creates a beautiful, even field of light in Daylight, Tungsten, or a Variable version that adjusts anywhere from 2800 Kelvin to 5700 Kelvin. Additionally, they have the capability of adding green or magenta to match any other white light fixture.

There are various ways to control the Quads; AAdynTech’s User Interface Module, Wired DMX or Wireless DMX, making them very flexible for any kind of production.

Included with the fixtures: Control Box, 20 Pin Control Cable, User Interface Module, Wireless Receiver, Standard Diffuser Lens, Twist Lock AC Cord, Yoke and Pin.

Accessories include: Travel Case, Lite Diffuser, Heavy Diffuser, Snap Grid, Chimera Pop Bank, Honeycomb Grid.

Like all AAdynTech products, the Quads are designed and manufactured in the United States by Sturdy Corporation, guaranteeing quality and dependable service.

  • Minus/Plus Green/Magenta Correction
  • 92+ CRI across entire brightness range
  • Rated IP65
  • 1000 foot candle output @ 10 feet (Punch Quad)
  • 500 foot candle output @ 10 feet (Jab Quad) 
  •  Color Range 2800k-5700k
  • Auto range voltage - 100/277 VAC-50/60Hz
  • Flicker-free up to 260,000 fps
  • Control the fixture via UIM wired or wireless DMX (City Theatrical)  

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