Limit Speed by GPS Location

VMS Speed IQ increases fleet safety and fuel efficiency while reducing operating costs up to 30% with GPS based top speed control.


Start on a path to safety and savings with our standard VMS.

Sturdy VMS is a universal-fit fleet management solution that helps your fleet operate more safely, fuel efficiently, and with reduced maintenance requirements. This is achieved with industry forward technology, comprehensive features, and upgradeable options.

The Sturdy Advantage


Take your fleet's safety and savings to the next level with SpeedIQ.

Upgrading to SpeedIQ brings the future of ISA to your fleet today. ISA or Intelligent Speed Assistance refers to active systems that constantly monitor the location of your vehicle and adjust its maximum allowable top speed.

Sturdy VMS SpeedIQ
  • Variable Top Speed Control
    GPS based variable top speed limiting that actively increases or decreases the maximum allowable speed based upon the speed zone in which the vehicle is traveling, further increasing the safety and fuel economy of your fleet over our standard VMS.
  • Location Based Control
    With customizable maps, VMS with SpeedIQ can create geofenced operating zones or even corridors of operation. Fleet vehicles that exit your predefined zones can be brought to a minimum operating speed until they return to areas of operation.
  • Over the Air Updates
    Real-time two-way communication allows your SpeedIQ to receive map, geofence, and software updates with ease as well as configure certain aspects of your system.

Maximize your safety and savings potential with Sturdy Telematics.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking    Real-Time Vehicle Health   |   Driver Behavior Analysis
Increased Efficiency   |   Increased Compliance   |   Decreased Risk

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What Solution fits my Fleet's Needs?

Features VMS VMS with SpeedIQ VMS with SpeedIQ & Sturdy Telematics
Fixed Speed Control
Reverse Speed Control
Acceleration Control
Variable Top Speed Control
Location Based Control
Over the Air Updates
Real Time Vehicle Tracking
Real Time Vehicle Health
Driver Behavior Analysis

Why Sturdy?

At Sturdy Automotive, we understand our customers and pride ourselves on designing products with safety, efficiency, and reliability in mind. Our products have provided gains in safety and fuel economy for countless customers over decades of operation. With more than 45 years of fleet management technology experience, we are experts at solving challenges that fleets face and improving your bottom line.

45+ years of fleet management technology experience
800,000+ installs
Manufactured in the USA
3 year warranty
USA & UK Support Staff

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