Headquartered in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina, Sturdy has positioned itself strategically as a global and local manufacturer.

Our engineering, manufacturing and business professionals work together every day in our 140,000 square-foot design innovation and manufacturing facility to realize gains in quality, communication and schedules.

Sturdy’s Facilities

Sturdy’s facilities ensure the best environment for quality work and innovation. Every step we make leads to the production of high quality products. We work closely together every day to design, build, test, and ship thousands of pieces to our diverse, global customer base. Our facility is outfitted for maximum efficiency, including:

  • Corporate Office
  • Engineering Research and Development
  • Product Reliability Testing Laboratory
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly Operations with Thru Hole & Surface Mount, Rigid and Flex Assemblies
  • Small Parts Machining Operations
  • Component Final Assembly Operations
  • Component Testing Systems
  • Warehousing for Product Inventory
  • Tool and Die Fabrication

Evolving with you

Our facility is constantly expanding to accommodate our new and current customers’ expectations as they grow. We do this to ensure the highest quality of our and the success of our customers and the safety of our workforce.

Global Reach

Sturdy leverages it’s positioning for cost-effective shipping and delivery programs. Sturdy’s in-house fulfillment and logistics teams receive, package and ship product direct to customers, and their customers, to dozens of countries each day.