JAB Series Kit image

Each of the AAdynTech Kits includes a professional, rugged Thermodyne road case with wheels & handle for easy transport. A variety of kits are available for the JAB Series fixtures and you can build your own kit to the spec’s you required.

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COMPONENT Hurricane Kit 1 Hurricane Kit 2 Hurricane Kit 3 Daylight/V2 Variable Kit 2 Daylight/V2 Variable Kit 3
Fixture with Yoke & Pin
Barn Door
1/4 CTO Hard Gel
1/4 MG Hard Gel
Lens - 5°
Lens - 15°
Lens - 30°
Lens - 55°
Scrim Bag
ATA Road Case
Remote User Interface
Light Bank
Speed Ring

As technical advancements continue, all specifications are subject to change without notice.