JAB Quad Kit image

This AAdynTech kit includes the powerful JAB Quad fixture with yoke & pin, ATA road case, Snap Grid or Honey Crate, and a canvas AAdynTech scrim bag. Approximate shipping weight is 85 lbs. This ATA road case will insure safe transportation for your fixture for years to come. Remote User Interface module with 12’ cord is sold separately.

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COMPONENT Hurricane Kit 1 Hurricane Kit 2 Hurricane Kit 3 Daylight/V2 Variable Kit 2 Daylight/V2 Variable Kit 3
Fixture with Yoke & Pin
Barn Door
1/4 CTO Hard Gel
1/4 MG Hard Gel
Lens - 5°
Lens - 15°
Lens - 30°
Lens - 55°
Scrim Bag
ATA Road Case
Remote User Interface
Light Bank
Speed Ring

As technical advancements continue, all specifications are subject to change without notice.